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Looking for a large hot tub? The V94 seven person hot tub is a virtual giant: 94 inches square provides all the room you need. Whitewater-4 jet delivers a volcanic eruption of exhilarating therapy. With 40 Jetpods and two dual-speed pumps, you have one dynamic hot tub engineered for a crowd!


Standard features include:

  • Four Specialized Massage Seats
  • Three standard massage seats
  • One cooldown bench/step
  • Interchangeable Jetpods with stainless steel trim
  • V-O-L-T™ system high-flow therapy
  • Five V3 Throttle Control valves
  • ConstantClean™ with SmartClean™
  • Download brochure to see more features

Marquis V94 HOT TUB


    size:    94" x 94" x 36"

    Massage Seats:    7

    jets:    41

    pumps:    2 pumps = 320 GPM

    electrical:    60Hz: 240V/30A/50A

    filtration:    2

    water capacity    400 gallons

    weight dry/full:    840/4176 lbs

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