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Nevada by Trevi Pools (ROUND AND OVAL)

  • Capri 52" and 54"

    8" Extruded Resin Top Ledge - 2 Tone MIST & LUXX color

    Injected Resin Top and BottomTrack

    2-Pieces Injected Resin Top Cap with integrated connector

    6" Steel Upright - MIST Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote®

    Weather Resistant  Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote® on the outside wall

    Corrosion Resistant Primer plus Polyester Protective Top Coat on the inside wall

    1-Piece Injected Resin Foot Collar / Bottom Connector Combination

    Coping included for liners

    Available in 52" and 54" walls

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